To kill for skin
your eyes are pointed at bleeding tatters
dumb namelss torso I killed before
smell fear I want it will cauterized flutters
fluzing and glimmering portrait of carnage
and GORE!!!

first cut and scream fragments of ornament
strips of vital skin are ready to be stitched
carve cut tear trim and lampshades or parchment
lye tanned preparation I prolong you suffer
ha ha ha you BITCH!!!

To kill for skin you’re really fucked up
dermis so thin peel off and scrub
your wrap is gone thats the reason
to kill for skin TO KILL FOR SKIN!!!

Your sight is pointed at bleeding patterns
of your fucked up torso I skinned and wore
meet death I want it life flows through gutters
fluxing and shimmering mirror of fashion
and GORE!!!

Other eyes pointed at bleeding tatter
dumb nameless torso I killed before
Smeel fear I want it will cauterized flutters
fluxing and glittering next scene next bloodshed
and MORE!!!