Getting cold and getting rigid
Blind eyes as the gate to emptiness
Chest furrowed with exquisite cuts up
Welcome to my forensic battleground
As anatomical atlas you are wide open
The goal is body encyclopaedical arrangement
Placed into comfy plastic package
It is so easy and so fun
All of you will be used
It’s my body bag blues
You’ve no right to choose
That’s my body bag blues
…My forensic blues
Exploring your cavity
Alphabetical order in this abdominal chaos
With inexorable tools of my trade
I am going to introduce
With interest I work on
Maintenance of your shabby remains
Your innards shapely I will wrap
In vitro collection „Tissues, organs and veins“
I finish with no hurry
Your damaged dead body carefully I repair
And then out of my slab you will be
Into body bag scrapped